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Scots clan man Malcolm Urquhart better known as The Lost Gecko has searched high and far for himself through his music , from Kenya to Cork the Geckos world of truths and lies have been inherited by his latest body of songs , 'Unphotographable'. Crushing vocals reaching high into your mind and a mixed bag of thunder drums , soft guitar rain , dancing fiddlers on a hot tin roof and boombastic basses as a backdrop would make a dead man weep and wine for joy and mercy .The Geckos lactating lyrics potray a burnt out mind fired by the heart of a lion .But have no fear It is a feast not for the faint hearted and is of nice and ice and unforgettably Un-photographable so step into the Gecko world and lose your mind or someone else will. You've been warned now enter .

Recorded & Mixed at Claycastle Recording Studios
Youghal Co Cork
Eire -
Produced by Bobby Lee - Malcolm Urquhart & John Burke

The music is drivin by
The Gecko – Wooden guitars and them vocals
Bobby lee - on Bass , drums , electric guitars , keys , Vocals , percussion production and the kitchen sink
Orla Daly- Srings A La Carte
John Burke - Bass , Programming , Vocals, Patience
Leo Mullane - Acoustic Guitar and Hair


releases August 19, 2016


Mindless struggles bring us all down to our knees
But we’re waiting, we’re waiting for sun
Recollection doesn’t need a place to breathe
Let it go now, the dream sets you free

Voluntary masquerading as a saint
But the city, the city stays still

And we fall down,
Our heads bowed recalling our days
And nature frowns
Reach out to protect the rays
There is no doubt
Doubtless we’ll reap what we sow
So please don’t drown in places that are hidden away

Pressed against the shore he watches his own tears
And his footprints dissolve in his hands
The bright blue candle tells its story to the dust
But its fading, its fading to grey
And closets full of very sad and angry bones
They’ll clean up, they’ll clean up our day

Serenading brings its very own surprise
Ah lose it, before it all dies
Bleeding horses cannot look you in the eye
They’ll rescue, they’ll rescue your soul



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The Lost Gecko Cork, Ireland

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